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DLsite is a digital storefront that centers mostly on doujinshi and doujin games. Founded in 1996, the company sells a variety of games, manga, anime, ASMR, and hentai. While most of the available media on DLsite is in Japanese, the platform also sells English translated versions of their titles in Western territories.


Established in 1996 as Soft Island, the company was renamed DLsite in 2001 when it became a part of ASIS Co. In 2004, DLsite relaunched its website and created an English version of the site. In 2009, DLsite created an optimized version of the platform for mobile devices and then, in 2010, the number of doujin circles registered with the platform exceeded 10,000. The DLsite received another major overhaul and redesign in 2011 and, in 2018, started officially translating select items on their storefront and selling a portion of them on Steam.

Contemporary Efforts[]

Today, DLsite plays a key role in the legal sale and dissemination of adult doujinshi and games made in Japan. They also offer a variety of safe for work titles, including Hatoful Boyfriend, various binural titles, and game development assets.