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The informal term husbando (ハズバンド) is used by members of the anime and related media fan communities to describe male characters that they are attracted to. It is used in anime, manga, manhwa, webtoons, and video games, but it's more common in use by real-life otaku who discuss those things. As a single fan or fan-base designates a character as a husbando based on their subjective attraction to him, multiple characters can be a husbando and possess completely distinct personalities and characteristics.


It is a blend of English "husband" and Japanese "ハズバンド" (hazubando), which is derived from the English word.

Contemporary Usage[]

An otaku can use this term to describe a male character they are attracted to. It can even mean they would marry the character, if he was real. One person can have multiple husbandos from multiple series or just one favourite. Fans often discuss which husbando is the best.

Husbandos are often protagonists of popular anime series, for example Spike or Lelouch.


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