Otaku Encyclopedia Wiki

The wiki can be edited by anyone and is governed by the consensus of its users, derived by argument-supported, civil collaboration between them, and represented by the administrators. Otaku Encyclopedia Wiki has a set of rules all editors should normally follow.

  • Anything that is against the Fandom Terms of Use is not allowed on the wiki, no matter what.
  • Do not vandalize or spam the wiki.
  • Keep your behavior civil and assume good faith. Do not harass, stalk, or insult anyone. Address the action, not the person behind it.
  • Do not add speculation, parody content, or false information to articles.
  • Do not copy content from other sources.
  • The wiki is not a file-hosting service. If an uploaded file is not integrated into a useful page soon after the upload, it may be deleted without notice. Uploading images for your user profile is allowed.

Image Policy[]

Note: These Policies are strongly based on the My Hero Academia Image Guildines page.

Acceptable Images[]

  • Single panels or pages from manga, anime, or live action shows.
  • Manga images should be uploaded with no text in speech bubbles. Text outside of a speech bubble should be avoided if possible. If there is text outside of a speech bubble that would need to be redrawn, the raw (Japanese) version must be used.
    • Only the text outside of a speech bubble in a raw version doesn't need to be erased. The text inside a speech bubble must still be erased.
  • Drama screenshots and headshots
    • Drama screenshots should be limited to 20 images per episode

Unacceptable Images[]

  • Collages or fanart of any form
  • Images with any kind of English scanlated text
  • Images unrelated to otaku-related tropes, genres, etc.