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Super Eyepatch Wolf, or John Walsh, is an Irish YouTuber, video essayist, and podcaster. He runs the Super Eyepatch Wolf YouTube channel and largely creates videos focusing on anime, manga, professional wrestling, popular television, movies, and horror games. Additionally, he is a host on the Let's Fight A Boss video game podcast.


Super Eyepatch Wolf's videos primarily center on critical analyses of popular properties and investigations into lesser known pieces of media and communities. His major video series include, Why You Should Watch/Read _, My Favorite Things (time frame), Current State of Shonen Jump, and The Bizarre World/Modern Reality Of _. While Current State of Shonen Jump videos generally air annually and My Favorite Things videos premier seasonally, his videos typically do not follow a set schedule, although typically one premieres each month.

Let's Fight A Boss podcast episodes generally release on the first and third Monday of every month. Every episode covers shows and movies the hosts watched, impressions of games they are playing, a roundup of major gaming news items, and answering email questions. The Let's Fight A Boss Podcast also adopts temporary segments on occasion, like reviewing a entries in the Resident Evil movie franchise.


Super Eyepatch Wolf uploaded his first video, Why You Should Watch Hunter X Hunter, to his channel in December 2015. It currently has over 1.5 million views and 43 thousand likes. Most early videos on the channel are broader recommendation videos, with media analysis and critique becoming more common about a year after the channel was created. The current most video video on the channel, The Fall of the Simpsons: How it Happened, has around 6 million views and explores the show's decline in both popularity and quality.

Super Eyepatch Wolf attends a number of conventions every year, with MAGFest being the largest. He has collaborated with the YouTuber and streamer Woolie Versus previously, has appeared on Mother's Basement's The Weekly Weebcast, and has appeared as a guest at the Crunchyroll awards. Super Eyepatch Wolf's videos are funded through his Patreon account and his Twitter account is the main source for news and updates regarding his channel.